3 Tips – How to write powerful content for your blog?

Welcome Digital Marketing fans, today I am going to cover some content writing tips. To write powerful content for your Blogs is an important aspect of Digital Marketing.

Before we dive in – Do you know Content Writers are among the highest-paid writers in today world?

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What is Content Writing or Copywriting?

Content Writing or Copywriting is rearranging words to make things sound better. In other words, you can say it’s salesmanship in text form.

In this article, I am going to cover some basic tips & techniques which will help you to write content for your blog.

Tip 1 : The AIDA Formula

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

AIDA designed to grab people’s attention, and take them through your content to the point. The point that they take action on what they’ve read.

It is a powerful formula works for blog posts, sales pages, email marketing, Facebook as well as Google Ads.

Let’s take a look at the four parts to the AIDA formula in detail.


If you want people to take action on what you’ve read, you first have to get their attention. And to get their attention you should write an eye-catching headline or the subject.

Heading of an article develops an interest for the visitor, what is in it for me? The visitor will click on the heading to read the article, watch Video or open email.

Tip: Best 5 Tips about How to Write Eye-Catching Headings?


Once you’ve hooked the reader to turn that attention into interest. And if you don’t hold their interest in the first paragraph then you’ve lost them.
Best way to get them interested is to engage them with fresh and useful information. For example: Why the product & service is different from others in the market?


The visitor has clicked on your ad heading. Also have read the first few paragraphs, now the visitor has an interest in or has a desire in your offer?

And here are a few tips on how To create a desire in your article:

  • List down the product benefits.
  • How your product can solve their problems.
  • Show the results by writing down the customer testimonials.


Where you want to ask them to take the next step. Once you stirred up enough desire to get your visitor thinking about taking action it’s time to call to actions.

Call to actions are simple statements to let the reader know that what you want them to do next. Like Subscribe Newsletter, Order Product, Download eBook or Watch a video.

Tip: Before start writing Blog, Article or landing page, you should be clear about your call to action.

Another Tip: Urgency is important, so do try and put some incentive. For example Limited period offer, 30% sales, 30 Days money-back guarantee etc.

I am hoping that you guys are going to use the AIDA formula for your next piece of marketing content. This may help you to achieve good results.

Tip 2: Flip Features into Benefits

A Phone has 24X Optical Zoom. Which is one of the features of the phone? This might make sense and easy to understand for a person with some technical knowledge.

But, if we put this as how this is going to be useful if you own that phone, chances are visitor may end up buying one. So we could rephrase it as with this phone now you can photograph of a person who is standing 1000 feet distance.

This will help a visitor or potential buyer to understand how 24X Optical Zoom is useful for him/her.

That’s why we called ‘Features tell but benefits sell’.

Tip 3: Write like your Customer Talk

If you could master yourself with this one simple rule of writing content. I am sure, you will be able to convert your suspicious readers into ready to buy customers.

All you need to do is, take the customers’ pain points & desires that your prospects talk about. And include them into your content copy.

When you do that your prospects relate to the product, and believe this is exactly what I was looking for. This product/ service is different to others that I’ve seen and I want this and they’re going to be ready to buy.

How do you understand their pain points and problems?

You can use any of these simple strategies to do that.

  1. Customer surveys: Write a few questions to ask from your customers such as. Their problems, What kind of solutions they are looking for? and How the solution will change their life?
  2. Read Reviews: Read Product reviews in market places, and in product-related Forums. You can also follow Facebook, Twitter. And can start preparing the list of what customer likes about existing products? What they hate about? and the missing features.
  3. Talk to Sales Team: Since the sales team interact with the customers. They are the perfect ones to ask about customer problems & solutions.
  4. Talk to Customers: Phone Call, Skype or Video call. Talk to your customer, this is an excellent strategy to understand their problems. What is holding them back to buy the product? What is not working for them?

All these strategies will help you to create that unique selling proposition. All you need to do is to include that into your content writing or copywriting.

As a reminder, understanding a customer’s pain points & desires. And writing content which customer can understand is the key to write power content.

Finally, I have found an article which has listed down Content Writing Tools, those can help you write great content.

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