Best 5 Tips about How to Write Eye-Catching Headings?

Welcome my Digital Marketing friends, today I am going to share the Best 5 tips about How to write eye-catching headings? for your Blog, Landing Page, Google or Facebook Ads. In fact, you can use these tips for offline marketing as well.

Do you know 8 out of 10 people decide their action after reading the headline of an ad or article? Therefore, our goal is to reach out to that large audience.

Best 5 Tips about How to Write Eye-Catching Headings?

Above image, you may have noticed “Indian Cuisine” board with yellow background & dark-red colour text, hanging at the building wall.

But at first glance, Blue, White & Red colour board which you thought is ‘Pepsi’ board, is not. That’s how our mind works.

Excited enough to learn 5 Tips of writing attention-seeking Headings? Rember a visitor can be converted into your potential customer if it takes the action that you wished for.

Tip 1: Start Headings with Numbers

You are reading this blog this proves that my first tip including numbers is working for me. If you haven’t noticed the heading, look that again.

Placing a number(s) in the heading physiologically tells the brain that with only this much easy to find the solution I am looking for.

Examples of Headings with Numbers:

  • Top 10 Websites for free image for your blogs
  • 10 SEO Techniques you can use right now
  • 5 Cool tricks to shoot through iPhone like professionals

Tip 2: Include ‘How to’

Mostly, I use google as a knowledge base. Whenever do I want to know about fixing an Issue or to cook something? I use these ‘How to …’ phrases while searching.

A little exercise for you, Do think of what would you google if you want to connect an extra monitor to your laptop? or Let’s say you just downloaded a free plugin for your Blog site that has not enough documentation?

What I would search? How to connect extra monitor with laptop? How to use ‘the plugin’ besides reading provided document for the plugin, if any.

My Advice: If you are planning to write a blog on cooking, installing software, fixing issues or any other knowledge-sharing stuff. You must include ‘How to’ in your heading.

Examples, ‘How to’ Headings

  • How to Make Spanish omelette?
  • How to shoot a video using an iPhone?
  • Top 5 How to use camera tips while shooting in the dark light.

Tip 3: Ask Questions

Just like tip 2, include a question in your headings. Same logic, people are looking for a solution to their problems.

Examples, Ask Questions (Do you, When, Where, What, Why & Which)

  • 7 Reasons Why people are not visiting your blog?
  • What is the role of a blogger in Digital Marketing?
  • 5 Places from Where you can order food late-night in Delhi?

Tip 4: Be Specific

When a visitor is looking for apples (fruit), show him apples of different shape, sizes & variety of apples but not iPhone! I think you got my point.

Your Intent should be clear in your headings. If the visitor didn’t get what he/she was expecting, the visitor will hit the back button in no time.

Example, If you are writing an article about Bread Pizzas, you should not say generic phrases like “Top 5 Pizza Recipes”. Be specific, My idea for writing heading for the blog could be:

  • 10 Bread Pizza recipes prepared in 5 minutes
  • Do you know how to cook Bread Pizza at home?
  • How to prepare Bread Pizza at home?

Tip 5: Use authentic certified data to gain customer trust.

Remember, whenever you go and buy stuff regardless of how big the brand is, the first thing you ask is, What is Warranty / Guarantee of the product?

Similarly, if you are selling anything, even the content – you have to provide something to the visitor so that he/she can trust you.

Please follow the heading examples:

  • Buy “The Product” now! 30 Days money back offer.
  • 100% Welcome bonus up to $300.
  • Over 1 million users using “product”. Try now.
  • WordPress (your version) tested plugins.

That’s it! Hope these tips will be helpful for you. Do try them in your next project and post your feedback or write to me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Bonus Tip: Always ask your teams Sales & Marketing about the problem customers are facing and their solutions.

This will helps you to start thinking like a customer. Besides writing a beautiful headings, you may able to generate blogs or ad content as well.

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